These are Actual Photos of Real Ceilings! Lights On Lights Off. Invisible By Day! Breathtaking By Night!
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About 5 Star Ceilings

We create incredibly realistic and awe inspiring stargazing ceilings in peoples home. Invisible by day, show only at night! A one of a kind experience! Please Click Here for More about 5 Star Ceilings

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I Love my stars! I am so blessed to have had them in every o e of my homes. Every time I move, leslee is the first person I call! I have a sleeping disorder and since having my stars, I can fall asleep and stay asleep for the most part. They are worth EVERY penny!

Erica Arreola

Lilacs and Lace
We had our living room done and the first time we saw the full night sky everyone was blown away. We live in Vegas and due to all the lights you can't see many stars. My kids had no idea that this view was available. We recently took them to a rural town at a higher elevation and sure enough there were all the stars that they had seen on our ceiling. It's calming and awe inspiring. Leslee the owner is awesome to work with.

Brenda McKinney Harley

We had the ceiling in our son's room done a few months ago and it is amazing! We love it so much, we have our room scheduled to be done next month! It's so relaxing to lay in the dark room under the stars. Leslie did an incredible job and we highly recommend having this done in your home!

Christine Wishon

I surprised my kiddos 2 years ago. They were out of town and I had 5 Star Ceilings come in and galactify their rooms. We had three half ceilings and a full ceiling done. The full ceiling included the Milky Way and one of the hald ceilings included the 7 Sisters constellation. All the ceilings have shooting stars. I love the way the stars seem to dance. They literally twinkle, even two years later! The technique she uses to place the stars gives them a kind of 3D depth. You know when you are camping and you turn off the latern and stare up at the night sky.....and the longer you stare the more stars appear? Ok, well, that is what happens in my bedroom. It's awesome. Funny story. I had a couple glasses of wine at dinner. Went to bed and woke up around 4am. I had the windows open because I live in AZ and the weather is dang near perfect in April. Well, anyway, I wake up to go to the bathroom. I open my eyes, hear the crickets outside and FREAK OUT!!! I start grabbing around the bed and VERBALLY yell, "Why the H#LL am I outside!?!?!!!!" My husband wakes up from a dead sleep and starts laughing hysterically. He assures me it is just the stars on the ceiling and I am safe in my bed! LOL!!! So, if you're looking for realistic stars that shine as bright as the night sky, please book your appointment! I can't imagine having a ceiling without them! Thank you so much, Leslie!

Alycea Anderson

We had three bedrooms painted and they are absolutely incredible!!!! The detail and likeness to the night sky will make your ceiling the most favorite feature of your room! Not to mention I swear that looking at my ceiling before falling reduced my anxiety and insomnia naturally.

Nessa Kyrobie-Hadley

We had my son's room done. It's amazing!!! Now my hubby wants it done in our master too! I love that you have NO CLUE during the day, and BOOM at night the stars come out!

Lori Bodamer

I did a room for my parents for their anniversary. It was even better than I expected. They love it and it was the best gift I've given them so far.

Tawnia Malone

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