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What is Indoor Stargazing?

A 5 Star Ceiling Mural is a  replica of the night sky that is invisible during the day, and appears only at night, like the real stars. Your personal night sky is skillfully applied to your ceiling using a non-toxic formula. In the daytime, your room looks absolutely the same. At night, when it’s dark, it appears as if your ceiling has been removed and you are looking up at a rich velvety black sky full of stars.

Stargazing is intuitive and natural for man. For thousands of years, mankind has fallen asleep under the stars. We don’t see many of the stars anymore. In this fast-paced world what we need now, more than ever, is the opportunity before we close our eyes at night, to simply slow down!Benefits

Your ceiling is not only beautiful and mesmerizing, it will be visible most of the night and will last a lifetime. Here are some of the benefits you may experience.

*Improved sleep. Stargazing increases alpha theta waves in your brain so you fall asleep faster into a deep sleep. Your heart rate and breathing actually slow down.

*Relationship building. Stimulates meaningful conversation and encourages bonding between parent/child, as well as siblings.

*Therapeutic for children with Autism, ADD, people with anxiety, addiction, depression, and insomnia.

*Easier Bedtime. Children are no longer afraid of the dark. Reduced use of nightlights, children and adults are eager to go to bed.

*Ridiculously Romantic. Need I say more?


A 5 Star Ceiling Stargazing Mural will set a calm mood, enhance atmosphere, and transform your home to a haven. Going to bed will never be the same!