The Realistic In-Home Stargazing Experience


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We just had the opportunity of having 5 Star Ceilings transform our daughters ceiling into the most beautiful starry night sky! She did such an amazing job! We are extremely impressed by the details and the incredible job that was completed! Thank you for this incredible transformation! We Love it!

Rachel Welin

Oh my gosh! My ceiling will never be the same!!! It's so flipping cool! And it may be a coincidence- but I slept 5 hours straight thru last night. I'm usually up every 1-2 hours! My son loves wishing on the shooting star. Thx so much!!!!

Lori Bodamer

I just had this done! IT'S SO AMAZING!!!! There really are no words of awesome it is. I can't wait to go to bed!!!

Britney Winko


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