What is a 5 Star Ceilings Stargazing Illusion?

Have you ever been stargazing, high in the mountaintops away from the city lights? Do you remember the first time you went camping and slept under the stars? If so, you have seen the most breathtaking view from the earth! We recreate that experience on your bedroom ceiling! The best part is that you can not see it at all during the day. Just like the real night sky, the stars only come out at night!

Stargazing is intuitive and natural for man. For thousands of years, mankind has fallen asleep under the stars. As the world became more populated..and polluted with manufactured lighting and smog, the stars are barely visible for most of us anymore.

In this fast-paced world what we need now, more than ever, is the opportunity, before we close our eyes at night to simply SLOW DOWN. Stargazing natures natural meditation aid is now brought into your own bedroom to help in this process!

Did you know “Stargazing Therapy” is actually a thing? Stargazing will reduce anxiety, aid meditation, and relaxation, is reported to help people with autism, ADD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, and cancer patients.  It induces sleep by increase the Alpha Theta waves in the brain so your heart rate and breathing actually SLOW DOWN.  Stargazing enhances relational bonding between partners, siblings, parents, and children. It actually activates the deep limbic system of the brain that is responsible for bonding and moods!  And, of course, is there anything more romantic than stargazing?


Our Story

Hi, my name is Leslee. I am the Owner and Artistic Director of 5 Star Ceilings. I am not unique in any way to the art of stargazing, as we are all star artists in our hearts. Most of us have had at least a few of those awe-inspiring moments as we lay under a blanket of stars being almost emotionally overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe as we gazed up into the eternities. Something about stargazing seems to put everything else into perspective, as we realize our significance, or perhaps insignificance, in the grand scheme of things. The universe, where everything has it’s own unique place and purpose, is where I draw my inspiration. I remember camping in Utah high in the mountains every fall at our family reunion. I would wake up at 2 a.m when the night sky was at its richest.. and just marvel at the complexity, and simplicity, of it all. I would try to force myself to stay away just to keep looking at the stars, but it was so relaxing I drifted almost instantly back to sleep. I have always had a fascination with the night sky and some of my deepest friendships centered around conversations while stargazing in my hometown in Provo, Utah. in 2012 I learned the art of creating a replica of the night sky on peoples ceilings and have been loving every moment of this! I love bringing the gift of stargazing into peoples lives!