About Us

Our Story

Hi, my name is Leslee. I am the Owner and Artistic Director of 5 Star Ceilings. I am not unique in any way to the art of stargazing, as we are all star artists in our hearts. Most of us have had at least a few of those awe inspiriting moments as we lay under a blanket of stars being almost emotionally overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe as we gazed up into the eternities. Something about stargazing seems to put everything else into perspective, as we realize our significance, or perhaps insignificance, in the grande scheme of things. The universe, where everything has it’s own unique place and purpose, is where I draw my inspiration. I remember camping in Utah high in the mountains every fall at our family reunion. I would wake up at 2 a.m when the night sky was at it’s richest.. and just marvel at the complexity, and simplicity, of it all. I would try to force myself to stay away just to keep looking at the stars, but it was so relaxing I drifted almost instantly back to sleep. I have always had a fascination with the night sky and some of my deepest friendships centered around conversations while stargazing in my home town in Provo, Utah. in 2012 I learned the art of creating a replica of the night sky on peoples ceilings and have been loving every moment of this! I love bringing the gift of stargazing into people’s lives!

Meet your stargazing creation team

When you schedule your ceiling with 5 Star Ceilings you can rest at night knowing your ceiling  will be hand painted, in remarkable detail, by a professional, experienced, and passionate star ceiling creator.

Leslee Martin

Founder, CEO, Artistic Director

 (and Mom to upcoming artists LaVee and Grayson)

Leslee, mother of 2 adorable children, founded 5 Star Ceilings in 2012, as a way to supplement her teaching business and family income. Shortly after beginning painting ceilings she retired from teaching to paint star ceilings full time. Her 5 year old daughter begs to go paint stars with her, and has come along as “assistant star artist” a time or two. LaVee can be found painting her own star paintings “like mommy” in her free time. Leslee’s 3 year old son, Grayson, currently enjoys singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ while falling asleep under the stars each night. When we forget to charge the stars at night he asks “where are the stars?!”


Steve Martin


(and dad to up coming artists LaVee and Grayson)

Steve Martin,  joined as a Star Painter with 5 Star Ceilings in 2016 and is an active participant in creating these magical and celestial ceilings. Steve’s experience, knowledge and passion of space and astronomy goes light years back, long before the idea of either him or Leslee painting stars ceilings for a living even entered his mind.  Steve specializes in creating personalized constellations and gas clouds. The most popular being the Unicorn! When he is not painting stars he can be found spending time with his kids, and watching documentaries about space.


LaVee Grace Martin

CEO of Grace N’ Glow

(age 5 and wanna be star artist)

LaVee loves dancing, cooking cupcakes and being attached to her mother’s hip. She recently discovered the joy of creating glow rock “night lights” and is earning money selling these for fun to earn money for family vacation, barbies, and shopkins. She also loves holding and feeding her new ducklings.


Grayson Steven Martin

(the sidekick of 5 Star Ceilings)

Grayson enjoys playing with monster trucks, hot wheels, and making cupcakes. He excels at being one of the cutest little boys in this solar system.