Are these permanent? Can I take it with me? I rent and/or I move a lot, what are my options?

Here are some of your options if you fall into one of these categories.

I try to keep my prices low enough that this can be done over and over. If you think you will be in your current place at least a year I would personally do it, then do it again when you move (that’s what I did!) Due in part to our modest pricing,  along with the experienced and therapeutic benefits of stargazing, we have had numerous customers call to have us come paint rooms in their new home. I have followed some customers to 3 or 4 different homes! They just couldn’t sleep without their stars! There have been a few times I’ve traveled out of state to do a customers new home, and that is how I end up opening up 5 Star Ceilings in that state. If you move I will give you a discount off the listed retail price for your next home.

Renting? You may want to do it anyway…. I did! Three times and counting.

Since these are invisible during the day many renters just do it anyway and either their landlord doesn’t care, or the landlord appreciates it. Or, they just don’t tell their landlord as it does not effect the daylight decor in any way. If you choose to not tell the land lord you may want to leave a note to the next renter about their upgraded ceiling!

Consider fabric, or a removable “mural”

I have had customers who move a lot (military mostly) provide me with light cotton fabric that I paint my mural on and they adhere to their ceiling, this also works for long distance customers whose locations we do not travel to. There are a couple options for removable adhesive. If this is something you would like to consider, talk to me and we will work it out.

Do it yourself

I have a high quality and high end stencil I recommend that can be purchased for a fair price.  It can not compete with a hand painted mural by an experienced painter, of course. I have painted over 250 ceilings and they keep improving with more and more experience. But if your only option is to do it yourself or not sleep under stars at all, talk to me, I will hook you up with the best stencil on the market. You can always have a professional mural painted down the road. Also, if you choose this method there are some down falls, you won’t be able to get effects like gas clouds, and the milky way, but stay in touch, I can give you some tips and help with additional projects. This is also a good option for long distance customers that can not have me come paint their ceiling.

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