Behind the Curtain (Blog)

When I am not painting stars on ceilings or being a mother, to the best of my ability, to 2 kids, 4 dogs, and 3 ducks, I like to write and color.  I think they call that “zen therapy” or “color therapy”.  To the right, you will find more detailed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, answers to random and not so frequently asked questions, as well as answers to made up, just for fun, questions (did I mention I like to write?).  You will also find customer highlights, memorable job experiences, and fun things in a Day’s Work. Keep checking in, as my blog grows some of the future topics include Astronomy and Space, Meditation, Health benefits of Stargazing AKA “Stargazing Therapy”, as well as other random things I think up for your “gee whiz” collection.

I will also be sharing the Stories in the Stars. Both the Greek Mythology version as well as the Christian Gospel Version. Not because I subscribe to either of these theories necessarily, but that I find it absolutely fascinating! It was actually while talking to one of the family members from this particular job, the one with Mickey and Minnie, that I first heard there was a Christian Gospel Version” of the constellations! Did you know that?

Thank you for stopping by and taking a further peek behind the curtain of 5 Star Ceilings!