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Do you paint the ceiling first? Like with a gallon of paint and a roller?

No, we do not paint the ceiling as far as with a roller and paint pan. We apply the mural directly on your existing ceiling. If you think you might be painting your ceiling in the near future you will want to do it before scheduling your star ceiling mural with us. And if you like to change the color of your walls often, just know you will lose any mural you choose to bring down the wall the next time you paint.


Story Time

I have a funny story about this! This story is a bit sentimental for me. This was a gifted room for a 5 year old boy fighting cancer (he is now 7 I believe at the time of this posting) I got to know the family a bit after this as I  came back a couple times and gifted rooms to the other kids so they would not feel left out.  I later did the parents room as well as I felt relaxing under the stars would be so beneficial for them during this  time. So I have been following his journey for a couple years now.  The first night meeting this lovely family is one I will always remember! It was so sweet and funny at the same time!

I had just done a full room, down all the walls into a planetarium effect, milky way, shooting stars.. it was awesome! When it was time to reveal the ceiling the whole family was there, even the grandparents. So, we go in, I have them close their eyes for a few minutes before turning off the lights and having them open their eyes. When I said “ok, you can open your eyes now” they all GASPED… there was a long silent pause, and then I heard the grandmother say “so, did you paint the ceiling black first?” I had to make an effort not to chuckle, she was very serious, we had all just walked in the room moments earlier with the lights on and saw the same white walls and the same white ceiling as she did! The reason I tell this story is because her question was legit! The ceiling APPEARS more black! It’s so crazy! It has something to do with the cones and rods in your eyes, your eyes actually perceive the ceiling behind the stars a dark rich black, so much that a person would assume you painted the ceiling black first. I LOVED this reveal and this family!

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