Through the years we have found people have a lot of the same questions, here are some of the most common ones. Please read this first, if you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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How much does an average room cost?

We have a $300 minimum house visit. You can keep it simple and inexpensive, or make it elaborate and extensive. We can work with your budget to find what is right for you.

You may keep your design simple and small, or large, elaborate and detailed based on your personal taste and budget. We start as low as $150 for a skylight and $4/sq foot for our base 4 star theme. You may then add on details as desired. Or if you want it all,  we have a discounted package just for you!  Our designs and options are found in the form below. Please contact us to discuss these options and receive an estimate.

You can visit the Create a Ceiling- Pricing page to find pricing and a form to fill out for an accurate quote. Also, at design options, you can see illustrations of many of our options.

Do you give free estimates? 

We give free estimates over the phone, Facebook, email or text. This is usually all that is necessary. we will gather your room specifications, and perhaps ask you for a few pictures of the room. An in-home consultation is available upon request in available locations.

We try to give you all options, show mock-ups of all options, actual photographs, descriptions and go over the specs of your room in our estimate. The final cost will be given and agreed on at the home before any work begins, this allows you the freedom to make changes up until the time we close the door and start the room!

Can I see an example of your work first? Do you have any more pictures?

We have a limited number of pictures, due mostly to the fact that it is very difficult to get a good picture without using a night photographer. We are currently in process of building a larger gallery! We are so excited! If we do an in-home estimate we can bring a large 3′ x 4′ sample of our work.

If you would like to see a room first we may have a customer in your area who wouldn’t mind showing a room in their home. You may also order a small sample for $25 (which you can keep as a poster on your wall, of course!).

What type of Ceiling can you do this on? Does the color of the ceiling matter?

We can create a star ceiling on almost any type of ceiling, including popcorn, wood, heavy texture and cloth. As far as color, the lighter the better, white ceilings being best. We have, however, done this on medium-dark colors,  read here What kind of ceilings can you do? for details on that and more about glow and daytime visibility difference when done on darker colors.


You say this is invisible in the day. Is it really invisible? Be honest.

These murals are invisible (or virtually invisible) on a light and white surface. In 98% of the ceilings I’ve done, I would say absolutely invisible by day.  Some of the largest stars or shooting stars may be SLIGHTLY visible during the day on darker surfaces or if your room is dimly lit. Click here  Is it invisible?  for more about this.

Do you paint the ceiling first? Like with a gallon of paint and a roller?

No, we do not paint the ceiling as far as with a roller and paint pan. We apply the mural directly on your existing ceiling. If you think you might be painting your ceiling in the near future you will want to do it before scheduling your star ceiling mural with us. And if you like to change the color of your walls often, just know you will lose any mural you choose to bring down the wall the next time you paint. I have more information on this matter, oh, and it’s Story Time!

Do I need any special lighting for this?

The ceiling will be viewed best in absolute darkness. In fact, the darker the better..PITCH black being phenomenal! You will want to remove night lights, turn off the hallway light, and some people put up heavy curtains if they have light coming in through the window (even the full moon lets in a lot of light!). It doesn’t have to be pitch black, but it does need to be dark, just like the real stars are seen best on a moonless night.

As far as lighting to charge the ceiling, any sort of upward facing, direct fluorescent lighting will work. The spiral “energy saver” light bulbs work great for this, or many people use an upward facing black light. The black light, although not necessary,  will charge it the fastest and is the most effective. Click here What Lighting is Best to Charge my Ceiling? for more on this topic.

How do I charge my ceiling? How long should I expose my ceiling to light before viewing it?

Anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours of upward facing UV/Florescent/Blacklight works great! It seems the longer you leave it exposed to the direct light the longer it lasts through the night.

That being said, some people actually don’t use any special lighting at all, they just leave their blinds on, or their ceiling light on before bed charges the ceiling enough to enjoy it. And some people mount black lights and have them set on a timer.

Covered and downward facing ceiling lights do not charge the ceiling, a standard old school black light tube light is an inexpensive and sure fire way to get the ultimate, brightest, and longest lasting glow through the night. You may want more than one for a large room.  It’s easy and effortless to charge the ceiling, go ahead and try a few of the above options, and see what you prefer. You can read more on this here What Lighting is Best to Charge my Ceiling?

How do  YOU personally charge YOUR stars?

Half the time I don’t anymore…and somehow they still appear and I look up in bed and go “huh…why am I seeing stars?” I obviously left my room light on or blinds open, or perhaps it was my sparkling personality that charged it?! I do enjoy them more fully charged so I  have those spiral energy saver light bulbs in my ceiling light. I have an upward facing lamp with three heads and black lights in them..then for an extra fast charge, I may plug in a black light tubular light, simple, inexpensive.

How long will it be visible through the night?

It will be brightest the first 30 minutes It will then slowly fade, about 30 to 60 min in it will settle into a gentle white “glow” that will be the most realistic and relaxing, this will continue to gradually fade through the night, up to ALL night long.

In my own personal experience the first hour is awesome to look at…but it’s when I wake up and see the ceiling at 2 a.m that I am most in love with it.. it will change through the night, I see stars until the sun starts to come in the window.

How long will this last, as in years? Will it burn out like a glow stick?

The phosphorous element we use to create this paint is from such a different breed of “glow” than the glow stick it is almost an insult to share the term “glow” between the two! Not only will it not burn out like a glow stick or those stick-on stars from the novelty store, you simply can’t buy this from the craft store or Walmart. The proprietary paint we mix specifically for this purpose will allow your ceiling to be charged and discharged thousands and thousands of times, 30 years and counting. As far as we know it will last forever with no decrease in glow quality.

How is 5 Star Ceilings different from fiber optics, other star ceiling companies, star stickers, fabric star panels, or stencils?

This is a topic for a blog, as I feel it is a valid and important question. There is a purpose for each option and pros and cons of each. I am biased, obviously, but please visit my blog on this topic for a full response written as unbiased as possible. If you would like to read more about my thoughts on that click here What’s the difference?

How long does it take to complete a ceiling?

On average, about 2 to 2.5 hours for a small child’s room done with a ceiling only in a 4 or 5 star theme.  The more options and additions you choose the longer it will take. So don’t worry, we won’t be camping out there, although when we are done we may want to! But we will leave the camping out to you!

I have a ceiling fan, will that be a problem?

That will be no problem, we do ceilings with fans all the time! When you turn on the fan at night the blades will recede into the mural and you will not notice them, you will, however, feel a gentle “canyon breeze”.. and if you use a pine scented plug in and turn on crickets chirping the real camping experience will be even better!

If you are doing a skylight only, depending on the placement of the fan on the ceiling it may be better to do a partial ceiling instead of a circular skylight, talk to us about it if you have a concern.

What about air vents and smoke detectors, is that a problem?

No, we will apply a few stars on those fixtures so that they recede into the mural and there does not appear to be a “black hole”.

Do you do spaceships, northern lights, colored nebulas etc?

While we have done these sorts of things in the past we have found that our customers, and ourselves, are most satisfied when we keep the mural exactly as it was originally designed, an illusion of the real night sky, as viewed from earth by the naked eye (that was a lovely rhyme wasn’t it?)

I heard you do astronomically correct versions of the summer sky, can you do this with any date in time?

Yes! We do have the ability to do this! It is one of our more advanced details, what looks better, usually is to pick the day you want to commemorate and select the constellations visible that night and have them artistically and strategically placed in the room to where they will be most visible. Otherwise, you only see bits and pieces of constellations.It is harder for most people to pick out a constellation if you are only seeing a few of the stars. Having full constellations will be easier to identify. One of the most popular choices is picking 4 to 5 favorite constellations, including the persons birth horoscope constellations! We have a package of 5 Constellations for $100 that is fun for this.

I have a funny story on this topic,  about my first experience doing an astronomically correct ceiling,  Story Time!

What do I need to do to prepare the room before you come?

Not much. The more you can clear the room the better. You do not need to move big furniture like headboards and dressers etc. But as much as you can of everything else, hampers, things on the floor or leaning against the wall etc helps us cover the floor better. We need to cover the floor as thoroughly as possible, this paint is difficult to work with (since it’s invisible), we do our best not to leave any “floating stars” permanently affixed to your floor.

If you leave pieces of furniture such as nightstands and dressers please try to clear them as best as you can, again, so we can be more effective at covering your furniture.

As I said previously, due to the special techniques we use and invisibility of our paint, it can be tricky to work with. If anything is expensive valuable, or very important, we recommend you removing it from the room entirely, just to be on the safe side.

If you are going to be painting your ceiling in the next few years, you would want to do that before we come. Or, if your ceiling is dusty, please dust it first. If you have a ceiling fan, dusting that as well is a good idea.

Other than that, we can not keep a window open, or use the ceiling fan, if you can lower the temperature for a few hours while we are there we will be extra grateful!

Are these permanent? What if I move? What options do you have for renters?

Our star murals have been refined for 5 years and are professionally hand painted on your ceiling one star at a time to create an uncanny illusion of the night sky. And they are permanent until you paint over them. Unfortunately, you can not take these with you. Click here, can I take it with me?  to read about some of your options.

Can I watch?!

We only allow those we are training to watch us, and unfortunately, we are no longer training or hiring muralists. We use a propriety method and material for our work and do not reveal the details in how we do this.

Mostly, however, the reason we do not like you to watch is that there is something extra magical about seeing your ceiling for the first time without knowing exactly HOW we created the illusion. Trust me. If you have ever learned how the magician pulled the coin out of your ear, or the rabbit out of his hat, and experienced the let down when the magic disappeared, you understand why we do not want to ruin this experience for you!

Do you ever offer discounts?

Not usually now that we have grown, we stay pretty close to our listed price. We do sometimes offer various discounts when building up a new area, so if you ever hear one advertised jump on it! Otherwise, not usually. We do, however, want as many people as possible to enjoy sleeping under the stars, if money is an issue don’t hesitate to ask, we may be able to work out discounts for help in our continued growth, suggest lower budget theme options, tips on how to use a DIY stencil, rewards for referrals, or for special needs, bedridden, and terminally ill. If you would like to be informed if/when we do have discounts in your area make sure to let us know and give us an email we can reach you at with updates.