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How Much Does an Average Room Cost?

We have a $300 minimum house visit.

In the 5 years I have been painting ceilings we have realized “average” does not  exist! A child’s room can be between 90 sq feet and 210 sq feet! “Average Child’s Room” would be between 120 to 155 sq feet I would say. Then when doing a Master Bedroom the term “average” is completely thrown out the window.

The main factor in the estimate is the square feet of the ceiling, and the theme and additional options you want. Your best value will be the 5 Star Ultimate and Unlimited Theme. However, the 5 star with or without the milky way is our most popular.

You can visit the Create a Ceiling tab page on this website and find pricing and a form to fill out for an accurate quote. A room could cost between $300 and $700 on average.

Check out these two pages to see more on our design options, pricing and to request a quote. design optionsrequest a quote.

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