Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, there really is no way to describe the experience of these stargazing ceiling without seeing it in person. We do the best we can with photography and graphic illustrations, but those really can’t capture the actual 3 D illusion and sense of “wonder” people experience when viewing their ceiling for the first time. We record audio of the reveals to help give you an idea. So, until you have a chance to see a ceiling in person I hope the feedback from some of those who have seen it in person will help.
These are unsolicited reactions from customers we received either by text, voicemail, a post to our FB page, FB review, or a comment on one of our FB page posts. 100% of these are honest,  verbatim quotes. Some texts or voice audio I no longer have the name for, those are marked xx.

I Love my stars! I am so blessed to have had them in every one of my homes. Every time I move, Leslee is the first person I call! I have a sleeping disorder and since having my stars, I can fall asleep and stay asleep for the most part. They are worth EVERY penny!    -ERICA ARREOLA, AZ

We have had several rooms in our home done by Leslee and we love them! She does a great job and the effects are fantastic! My wife and I get to fall asleep under the stars every night. How great is that!?!?    – BRANDON HANCOCK, AZ

We had my daughter’s room done this weekend and it turned out amazing! We are so incredibly happy with the results! Thank you.    -LINDSAY EASTERLY, UT
Thanks so much for doing my star ceiling today! I love it! I have spread the word around in my woman’s group in my neighborhood!    – ALINA MCCASLIN, AZ
I just had this done! IT’S SO AMAZING!!!! There really are no words of how awesome it is. I can’t wait to go to bed!!!    – BRITTANY WINKO, AZ
 Amazing results! Very Realistic looking.    -RAY MAHLNAR, AZ

Thank you soooo much for the beautiful work you did in my son’s room today! I LOVE it.    -STEFANI SALAZAR, AZ

 We had our living room done and the first time we saw the full night sky everyone was blown away. We live in Vegas and due to all the lights, you can’t see many stars. My kids had no idea that this view was available. We recently took them to a rural town at a higher elevation and sure enough there were all the stars that they had seen on our ceiling. It’s calming and awe-inspiring. Leslee the owner is awesome to work with.    -BRENDA MCKINNEY HARLEY, NV

We had the ceiling in our son’s room done a few months ago and it is amazing! We love it so much, we have our room scheduled to be done next month! It’s so relaxing to lay in the dark room under the stars. Leslee did an incredible job and we highly recommend having this done in your home!    -CHRISTINE WISHON, CO

I surprised my kiddos 2 years ago. They were out of town and I had 5 Star Ceilings come in and galactify their rooms. We had three half ceilings and a full ceiling done. The full ceiling included the Milky Way and one of the half ceilings included the 7 Sisters constellation. All the ceilings have shooting stars. I love the way the stars seem to dance. They literally twinkle, even two years later! The technique she uses to place the stars gives them a kind of 3D depth. You know when you are camping and you turn off the lantern and stare up at the night sky…..and the longer you stare the more stars appear? Ok, well, that is what happens in my bedroom. It’s awesome. Funny story. I had a couple glasses of wine at dinner. Went to bed and woke up around 4 am. I had the windows open because I live in AZ and the weather is dang near perfect in April. Well, anyway, I wake up to go to the bathroom. I open my eyes, hear the crickets outside and FREAK OUT!!! I start grabbing around the bed and VERBALLY yell, “Why the H#LL am I outside!?!?!!!!” My husband wakes up from a dead sleep and starts laughing hysterically. He assures me it is just the stars on the ceiling and I am safe in my bed! LOL!!! So, if you’re looking for realistic stars that shine as bright as the night sky, please book your appointment! I can’t imagine having a ceiling without them! Thank you so much, Leslee!    -ALYCEA ANDERSON, AZ

We had three bedrooms painted and they are absolutely incredible!!!! The detail and likeness to the night sky will make your ceiling the most favorite feature of your room! Not to mention I swear that looking at my ceiling before falling reduced my anxiety and insomnia naturally.    -NESSA KYROBIE-HADLEY, AZ

We had my son’s room done. It’s amazing!!! Now my hubby wants it done in our master too! I love that you have NO CLUE during the day, and BOOM at night the stars come out!    -LORI BODAMER, AZ

I did a room for my parents for their anniversary. It was even better than I expected. They love it and it was the best gift I’ve given them so far.    -TAWNIA MALONE, AZ

Tonight we finally got to see David’s Stargazing room at Jacob-Kiki Hantla’s house! It was absolutely awesome! Jacob and Kiki had told me so many times how awesome it was and that the pictures don’t do it justice… Little David said that I needed to look at the stars while lying in his bed because that was the best way to see the stars.  Anybody who is considering this should definitely message 5 Star Ceilings!    -TIM MELBERGG, AZ

Wow!!!! Charged up both kids rooms and they look fantastic! I can’t wait for them to see it. Thank you.    -NIKKI, CO

Oh, my gosh!!! I just got home from work and saw your beautiful work!! Wow! I seriously love it so much! Totally awesome! Thank you so so much!!!” -AZ

I just wanted to say what a beautiful job Leslee did in our daughter’s room! I was one of the lucky ones to win the drawing for a FREE 5- star ceiling and I am so appreciative! It looks so beautiful and everyone we’ve shown is in awe! I would definitely consider this for other rooms and have recommended 5 Star Ceilings to anyone who will listen! Again, thank you so much!    -CAMI LEIGH SMITH, NV

The end result was more incredible than I imagined. I had my kids’ rooms done as a surprise for them and they LOVE it. Leslee was wonderful to work with. I will definitely have her back!     -HOLLY SCOTT, CO

“Had the ceiling done in my son’s room, it completed his Star Wars Theme! The Milky Way and shooting stars are so beautiful. It’s very calming and captivating. Love how it looks but isn’t visible during the day. Highly recommend for children and adults. Thanks for taking time to tie in a special constellation for my little guy.”    -REGINA HAMLIN, CO

We had 2 kids rooms done, and loved them SO much…we had our theater done as well.  I’m SUPER tempted to do my master bedroom now. I can’t express how sweet and awesome Leslee is! We are SO pleased.    -ASHLEY BARRETT- JACKSON, CO

WOW! Everyone who has seen the starfield on the ceiling and walls of our home theater gasps – including us, every time. Hope to get some photos posted here, but wanted to write to say THANKS! It’s amazing. If the pope had seen this first, he would have hired you instead of Michaelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel – it really is THAT good. –JOE BUCHMAN, UT

It’s completely awesome! We are so thrilled with how this turned out! Thank you so very much! – JENNIFER, CO

Your work is beautiful!!!!!! We are so happy with the work you did in all 3 of our kids rooms here in AZ. – PINA MASENTI, AZ

I love my ceiling. It’s so relaxing at night. I might have to move in a few years to Oregon, think you’ll ever be up there? – BRITANY WINKO, AZ

We love the ceiling in our nursery! Our little guy is just starting to look up and notice it when we put him to bed, so awesome! – JENNA GILLIANA

Leslee, just wanted to let you know that Andrew absolutely loves his star ceiling! He charges it up every evening with a black light we found at Walmart, turns on his ceiling fan, flips off his light and enjoys the stars until he falls asleep. Bedtime has become much less stressful at our house. 🙂 He shows it to everyone that comes to visit. Pretty cute, actually! Next time you’re in town, maybe you could come paint a couple of constellations to join the gas clouds and Milky Way. Thank you again!! – UT HEATHER NASSON, UT

I just checked out Jacob’s ceiling and it looks awesome! He is going to LOVE it! I really appreciate it! – BRENDA MCKINNEY, NV

My daughter and I laid under the stars in her room again tonight and talked about her dreams and goals in life. You did such an amazing job on her ceiling! It really looks like we’re laying under the night sky! Almost two years later and they’re still glowing beautifully! I highly recommend your talent to everyone! Thank you! – RACHEL WELIN, AZ