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The one with Mickey and Minnie

This was such a neat experience! Ok, “neat” is an understatement! This family contacted me and told me about their special needs daughter who was confined to bed and could not go outside, or seldom could go outside.

This one still gives me warm fuzzies (I think I may be addicted to warm fuzzies) What made this gifted room extra special was that a friend of mine Faith, and Chris, volunteered their time and showed up as Micky and Minnie Mouse, how cool is that!? I could hardly contain my excitement for this double surprise when I saw them walk up to the door! I don’t know how much it made HER day, but it sure made our day! It was an emotional reveal and I feel tears of gratitude just remembering back on it. What a beautiful experience to be a small part of this young girls life. I am so lucky.

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