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What Lighting is Best to Charge my Ceiling?

There is no one right or wrong way to charge your ceiling, well, OK,  so SOME things won’t work, like a downward facing dome covered ceiling light. Some customers say just keeping their blinds open during the day is enough to charge their ceiling, and for someone going to bed shortly after dusk it might be enough.

Black light will give the quickest and most intense charge. Here are a few examples of lights that work well. The main thing to keep in mind is that the light source needs to be upward facing (direct).  UV and Florescent light works best. Black light will allow the ceiling to charge quickly while letting your eyes adjust to the darkness.  The the higher the lumins (amount of light emitted per second) the better. This will sometimes be written on the box. Also, the closer to the ceiling the charging source is the quicker the ceiling will charge.  Energizing your ceiling can also be as simple as using your cell phone flashlight to charge up the ceiling right above your bed.

An important thing to take into consideration. If you are viewing your stars in the dark, then look  at your cell phone screen scrolling through FB for a few min, work on your computer, watch t.v, leave the room and go into a bright kitchen for a bedtime snack.. (you get the idea) it will take up to  15 min for your eyes to fully adjust when you come back in the room, so if you walk back in and panic “where are the stars!?” well, don’t. The stars are still there! Your pupils dilated in the dark to see the stars, and contracted again when you looked at the bright light, give it a few minutes. This is the main reason I prefer black light charging. It looks cool while it is charging and your eyes are adjusting at the same time.

Most people buy the $11 24 inch tubular black light found at most Walmart in their lighting section.

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