Ask Leslee

What type of ceiling can you do this on? Does the color of the ceiling matter?

We can create a star ceiling on almost any type of ceiling, including popcorn, wood, heavy texture and cloth.

Color is more important that material. A light color (white being the best) will reflect the glow the best, producing a brighter and longer lasting afterglow effect. We have had customers who have done light, medium, and dark gray and tan ceilings who have been very satisfied, and even had me back for more rooms. When they have it done on a white ceiling they were even more ecstatic!

If you have a colored ceiling and the color of your ceiling is important to you, go ahead and leave it, we can create a nice star mural. If you are OK with changing the color to lighter or white, and have the time to make the change that would give the star mural the best effect.

If you have the opportunity to have your ceiling painted with a day time blue sky and clouds that is extra amazing!

We do not recommend black, the glow will be very dim, not last long, and the paint will be visible during the day.

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